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Cancer Support Services

Cancer Support Services, a registered charity, was formed primarily to assist patients with cancer and their families.

Because of the stigma and myths which are associated with cancer, many patients and their families face this diagnosis alone. Even in an age where information on cancer is so readily available, many people still hold on to prejudices and make the life of the patient with cancer unpleasant. This serves only to impede a healthy recovery.

Cancer Support Services is therefore committed through a spirit of volunteerism to the care of persons with cancer and to bringing comfort and support to the affected relatives and dependents.

Mrs. Janette Lynton said “Cancer Support Services is extremely grateful to Legacy Foundation for their donation which will greatly assist us in upgrading our services in the office and by extension to the clients we serve.  We trust that this will be the beginning of a relationship between Legacy Foundation and Cancer Support Services and we wish the Legacy Foundation all of God’s blessings as they try to assist persons like ourselves.”

To learn more about Cancer Support Services please visit their website http://css.org.bb