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Charles F. Broome Primary School

Charles F. Broome’s Educational Resource Centre was setup to give the school access to literature and information technology resources needed to advance the learning and research capabilities of students and teachers.

The Centre, which accommodates up to thirty-two students, is equipped with thirty three laptops and a smart board and allows centralized access to the many books owned by the school. The Centre also provides a quiet comfortable setting in which teachers and counsellors can give full attention to students with learning challenges.

Principal of Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School Mr.  Louis Griffith, expressed thanks to Legacy Foundation for its interest in the school and for its support in the completion of the Centre which was officially opened as the Legacy Foundation Education Resource Centre on October 16, 2013

For more information please contact Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School by telephone 246-429-3361 or by email charlesfbroomememorialprimary@mes.gov.bb