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Community Impact

Legacy Foundation supports and funds projects and innovative ideas which make a lasting impact in our community in alignment with our three community impact objectives – Learning Wellness and Empowerment. We award grants, offer expertise and collaboration with charities, non-profit organizations and entities, community groups and community leaders to meet our community’s most pressing needs and seize its most important opportunities. Our impact extends from early childhood development to aging, from basic needs to economic development, from the arts to the environment, and more.

Legacy Foundation must constantly balance current and future needs, we must do what we can to meet current needs while at the same time providing resources to help future generations. Through our strategic community impact objectives we aim to strike that balance, sometimes, addressing problems today can prevent them from becoming bigger problems in the future.

The Foundation’s focus on these three community impact objectives will help concentrate efforts and resources in order to make a massive positive impact on the member of the credit union and wider community.


Our focus on Wellness is to create a culture of health, with a focus on improving health indicators, where making healthy lifestyle choices are simple, accessible and easy. Learn more


We fund projects that foster good health, education, and economic self-sufficiency. We are devoted to projects that educate and inspiring individuals to make a difference. Learn more


We fund educational institutions and organizations where projects support areas of demonstrable excellence, whether this be in academic teaching or more practical training. Learn more