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How We Work

We strive to engage with our partners in a spirit of trust, candid communication and transparency. We develop project goals and strategies before allocating resources and making investments, we collect and share data on our progress, reflect on lessons learned and make course corrections as needed. Essential to this process is ongoing dialogue with our grant recipients and partners which is embedded throughout our strategy lifecycle.

How We Make Investments

Phase 1: Concept Development.

Our program development coordinator works to identify ideas that support our strategic priorities, in consultation with foundation colleagues and trustees. This phase concludes with an internal decision that a concept is aligned to a strategy.

Phase 2: Pre-Proposal.

We remain committed to understanding the perspective of others, in order to further shape the proposed body of work. This phase ends with the decision to solicit a funding proposal.

Phase 3: Investment Development.

We reviews submitted materials with internal and, at times, external experts and works with the applicant to integrate recommended changes. We also complete our due diligence, determine how to structure the transaction, and assess risk. The Board of Trustees make the final decision about whether to fund the proposed project. Before funded activities can commence, the foundation and the partner organization sign an agreement that includes intended results, targets or reporting deliverables, and a payment schedule

Phase 4: Management and Close.

During the life of an investment, the program development coordinator and grantee discuss how they will work together and keep in close communication to understand progress and challenges of ongoing work. By maintaining quality interactions and clear and consistent communication, they are able to share feedback early and often. At the end of the project, the grantee submits a final report that summarizes the results achieved and lessons learned.

How We Structure Grants

We structure grants in a way that makes sense from a financial perspective while also funding partners for the cost of delivering results, supported by open and honest dialogue about the resources required. During the proposal review process, we try to gain a complete and accurate understanding of the total cost to execute the project efficiently and effectively